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  • Store 2.5 hours of full-screen, DVD-quality video on a single standard cd-rom that can be played back automatically on any PC
  • Encode in real-time high resolution digital video on a PC using I/O Data’s XVD PCI solution
  • Stream video over existing cell phone infrastructure at 24 frames per second
  • Store over 2 hours of HDTV video on an a single DVD


DigitalStream-USA™ has pioneered the world’s most advanced compression technologies ever created for digital video and audio applications.

This patented technology, known as XVD™, produces the highest quality video and audio experience possible for any given bandwidth. XVD enables the delivery of multimedia over the Internet or by CD/DVD to almost any type of digital device, including PCs, Set Top Boxes, PDA’s, cell phones and information appliances.

Leveraging over 10 years of international research and development, DigitalStream provides OEM’s advanced encode/decode (codec) software and supporting technologies to capture, compress, store, distribute and view digital content. These solutions will enable the creation of a range of new products that deliver the best entertainment experience possible to the consumer


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