Developer Overview

DigitalStream-USA™ provides a full range of products and services to support XVD™ deployment for a wide variety of commercial applications.

While the centerpiece of XVD is its leading-edge codec software technology, DigitalStream’s experienced technical team offers committed OEM partners end-to-end support to quickly develop exciting new products.

These services can include the following:

• Detailed reference designs
• Engineering support for enclosure design
• Customization support for unique features and interfaces
• Manufacturing kits (System block diagrams, BOM, OCB layout files, etc)
• XVD firmware (Bin file format) and updates
• OSD customization
• PC-based test platform for production testing

XVD’s modular approach allows for tailoring products to address specific application requirements and easily add new features to differentiate product offerings without tying up a lot of engineering resources.

For more information about development support, please contact David Brott, Vice President of Corporate Development (




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