XVD Overview

XVD™ is a patented compression technology from DigitalStream-USA™ that offers the highest quality digital video and audio experience possible within the constraints of a given device or application. The centerpiece of this offering is a next-generation scalable codex that defines a new standard for efficiently reducing file size while assuring high-fidelity playback during decoding.

This modular technology is available in both software and software-hardware solutions to enable digital video and audio stream management in PCs, set-top boxes, PDA’s, mobile phones and a number of emerging consumer electronic devices and information appliances.

XVD can be utilized for a wide range of applications, including digital video recording, digital television, high definition television (HDTV) and the encoding (recording) and decoding (playback) of a variety of content created by end-users or for commercial applications.

XVD provides the following benefits to OEM manufacturers:

  • Highest quality audio/video for available CPU/bit rate
  • Scalable to multiple platforms – provides greater flexibility in meeting application needs
  • Integrated content delivery server and device solution that powers secure distribution of high-quality digital video over IP and wireless networks.
  • Hardware independent modular software design – allows for rapid product development and easy migration path to new offerings
  • Low cost implementation with road map to further cost reductions
  • No industry patent royalties

For demonstrations of XVD technology, please select your bandwidth below to view real-time video streaming examples over IP.

56kbps: Full-Motion Video
(128 x 96 resolution)

128 kbps: Full-Motion Video
(160 x 112, QCIF)

384 kbps: VHS Quality Video

700 kbps: Super-VHS Quality Video

1.0 Mbps: Near-DVD Quality Video

1.4 Mbps: DVD Quality Video
(720x480, Full-D1)

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