I-O Data Also Announces First XVD-Enabled Product; PCI Card That
Encodes Production-Quality Video Using a PC in Real-Time

Tokyo, April 24, 2003 - - DigitalStream-USA (DS-USA) and B.H.A. Corporation (BHA) unveiled today XVD™, a revolutionary new encoder/decoder (“codec”) technology created by DigitalStream for video and audio applications. XVD offers the highest quality user experience possible for streaming and playback of video over IP networks. BHA, a pioneering developer of recording media solutions, also disclosed making a significant equity investment in DigitalStream that included an agreement covering joint development and marketing activities.

As part of this announcement, I-O Data, a leader in Japan’s peripheral industry and BHA partner, introduced an advanced PCI card for video editing and compression. This first XVD-enabled product sets a new standard for real-time encoding of high-quality, high-resolution video using a PC platform. Developed jointly with BHA and DigitalStream, I-O Data expects to start shipping at the beginning of Q3, 2003.

“With the massive global expansion of broadband availability and service, BHA’s company focus is quickly moving toward providing solutions centered on delivery of moving images and motion pictures over the Internet while retaining high image and sound quality,” said Masaharu Yoshihara, president and chief executive officer of BHA. “Combining DigitalStream’s video compression capability with BHA’s proven track record in the optical storage software market makes it possible for us to not only work on streaming delivery of video over the internet but also to apply the XVD Media Platform to an extensive range of applications such as PC peripheral devices, personal digital assistants, consumer electronics and possibly even white goods.”

“We are excited to join forces with BHA to introduce our XVD compression technology to the world,” said Frank Wilde, chairman of DigitalStream-USA. “XVD will prove to be a valuable tool for hardware manufacturers, application developers and content providers who pursue new markets and media opportunities in an ever changing environment.”

About XVD™

XVD is a highly versatile video and audio compression technology that defines a new standard for efficiently reducing file size while assuring high-fidelity playback during decoding. Since XVD achieves DVD-quality video at only 850-1,000 Kbps, a fraction of the bitrate required by DVD-video discs, the technology enables low-cost CD-R media as a suitable video storage media and facilitates high-quality streaming applications. Its flexible and scalable architecture also makes XVD ideally suited for deployment in a wide range of demanding real-world video encoding applications such as low bandwidth video storage or transmissions and video-on-demand solutions. The XVD compression technology can produce output from 96x64 pixels for applications with extremely limited bandwidth up to 1920 x 1080 pixels for HDTV encoding and supports a multitude of source resolutions, frame rates, and target bitrates.

About B.H.A Corporation

B.H.A Corporation is a pioneering developer of recording solutions and has supplied Windows and Macintosh recording software for all major optical storage technologies since 1993. BHA’s CD and DVD recording solutions are marketed to the world’s leading optical storage OEMs and to end users through distributors and retailers worldwide. Founded in 1991, BHA employs 56 full-time staff and develops its technologies for CD/DVD recording, UDF packet writing, and video encoding in-house. The company is headquartered in Osaka, Japan and has sales offices in Santa Ana, California. For more information, please visit B.H.A Corporation’s web site at

About DigitalStream-USA

DigitalStream-USA™, Inc. (DS-USA) is the pioneer of XVD™, the world’s most advanced audio and video compression technology. This patented technology is utilized in software and hardware solutions to produce the highest quality video possible for any given bandwidth. Incorporated by OEMs into a range of exciting new products and services, XVD provides consumers a superior entertainment experience.

Leveraging over 10 years of international research and development, DigitalStream provides OEM’s advanced codec software and supporting technologies to capture, compress, store, distribute and view digital content.

The company headquarters is located in San Jose, California with additional development facilities in St. Petersburg, Russia. For more information, please visit

DigitalStream-USA and DS-USA are trademarks and XVD is a registered trademark of DigitalStream-USA, Inc. BHA is a registered trademark of B.H.A Corporation. All other company names and products are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.

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