Unofficial history of XVD technology.

XVD is a marketing name for audio/video compression technology. Core technology development was started in St.Petersburg, Russia in 1992 (audio) and 1994(video).

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Historic videos:

1st Sample (1994),
(original avi)

kirill in 14-54 (1994): 1st Videogram - Raymond (1995) ila in Alaris (1995):

(more videos)

XVD-related Companies and Web-sites:

RightBits (*) (*)
DS-USA (*)
XVD Corp (pre-NAB) (*)
XVD Corp (2004-2005) (*)
XVD Corp (link to the current site)

GT Tech. (link to the current site)
Lab1454 (in SPGUAP): English version, Russian version (*)
BHA (link to the current site)

(*) Site is reconstructed. Not all pages are available.


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